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Classes resume January 6, 2015.

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ALL News

Winter Schedule

Members should have received a printed winter term catalog by USPS by now. A pdf version is available on this site.

We ask that you register for classes so that we can have a general idea of how many people will attend to inform the presenter and the Facilities Committee tech. We also use these registration numbers to set the social dates.

If you cannot attend a class that you have registered for, there is no need to let us know unless it is a limited enrollment class. If you wish to attend a class that you did not register for, unless it is a limited enrollment class, please DO attend. Again, we appreciate registration for classes in order to ascertain the number attending, but we do not take roll call!

Limited enrollment classes are noted very clearly in the schedule of classes and do not occur very frequently. There are no limited enrollment classes winter term, however, space is limited at the Gala Dinner due to a venue change, so plan to register early. Remember, Gala Dinners require registration by a specific deadline to meet catering needs. Cancellation must occur prior to the deadline to receive a refund. Any special dietary needs must be communicated prior to the deadline as well.

ALL Socials Calendar

The Winter Term schedule of socials will be posted soon.
Socials are held in the Fireplace Room.

Committee Meeting Calendar

The January schedule of committee meetings will be posted soon.

Organization Changes

An announcement from Margret Dutton, Chair, ALL Advisory Council: For the past several years, ALL has been a program of the Oregon State University Alumni Association. There will be a change as of July 1, 2014 when ALL will become a separate organization and will then apply for its own 501 C3 non-profit status. We have had discussions with OSU's Division of University Relations and Marketing and will establish a relationship with them as a sponsoring partner of ALL, thereby maintaining a solid connection with the University. Ongoing support from the Alumni Association will continue also. Although this is a change, we want to assure our members that it will not have any practical effect on our operations. We have always been a self-funded, peer-led organization and will continue to offer the excellent schedule of ALL classes. go to top of page

ALL Class Notes

Residential Environmental Health Issues

Diane Rohlman has shared her powerpoint presentation from her November 20 class.

I'm a Doctor

Chin Le has provided the article and graph that shows a relationship between Nobel recipients and chocolate consumption. This was presented at his class, "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor!-Oh Yeah on November 18."

Ocean Observatories

Bob Collier has provided several links related to his November 13 class:

Native Art and Artists

Bill Siebler has provided links to the many videos and websites that he showed during his presentation on Tuesday, November 11.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Jonathan Kaplan has provided references and resources related to his class on Thursday, October 16.

Why War?

Paul Kopperman, guest speaker at the Wednesday, October 8 class, Why War? Part I: The Causes of Interstate War, has provideded his notes and the following book recommendations:

  • "The Origin and Prevention of Major Wars", edited by Robert Rotberg and Theodore K. Rabb which illustrates how different disciplines, as well as different scholars, regard the issue of what causes war. This is required reading in his college class.
  • "Ways of War and Peace", by Michael W. Doyle, discusses the classical writers (e.g. Hobbes, de Tocqueville, and Marx) whose writings helped to shape the views of the Realist, Liberal, and Socialist perspectives on the causes of war.

Gala Dinner Recipes

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