About ALL

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About ALL


For the past 8 years, ALL has been a program of the OSU Alumni Association. In March 2014, OSUAA informed ALL that the affiliation would terminate at the end of June. With this news, the ALL leadership has been planning and implementing a transition plan. Some actions have already taken place and others are still pending or being worked out. Most of the changes to the ALL organization will have little, if any, impact on the actual day-to-day operations of ALL-Classes will be arranged and presented, a schedule of classes will be published, membership dues will still be collected, etc. ALL has been quite successful and there is no reason to believe that this will change, but many of the details will change. ALL will become a separate non-profit organization with its own Board of Directors, a new mailing address, a new relationship with OSU, and all the nasty little legal and financial details that we often take for granted until they have to be replaced. ALL is financially very stable, so the changes that need to be made, can be done in an orderly and well thought-out manner. Please contact any member of the Board of Directors for additional information or suggestions.


Margaret Dutton, Chair
John Ringle, Vice Chair
Ed Bullard, Past Chair
Friah Rogers, Secretary
Larry Goeltz, Treasurer
Nan Bullard
Cathy Cooper
Jim Gau
Bill Kemper, Publications Editor
Rebecca Marti
Tom Savage
Court Smith
Dick Weinman
John Wolcott
Tom Wogaman
Pat Young

Ex Officio:
David Eiseman, Chair Curriculum Committee
Bill Wickes, Chair Facilities Committee
Judy Ringle, Interim
Julie Searcy, Interim

Susan Prock, Program Coordinator


David Eiseman, Chair

World Cultures

Rich Wittrup, Strand Coordinator
David Eiseman
Andrea Dailey
Lorna Glubb
Jim Nusrala
Renate Schuller


Nancy Groesz, Strand Coordinator
Dorothy Louis
Jim Noel
Susan Smyth Tucker
Jane Ann Warkentin


Len Maki, Strand Coordinator
Ron Coffey
Anna Ellendman
Denis Jarvis
Tom Savage
Bill Wickes

Issues and Ideas

Bill Hohenboken, Strand Coordinator
Ed Heath
Bill Kemper
Judy Ringle
Sheila Smith
John Wolcott


Cliff Trow, Strand Coordinator
Cathy Cooper
Megha Shyam
Dick Weinman

Resource Members

Margaret Dutton, Chair, ALL Board of Directors
Susan Prock, ALL Program Coordinator

Facilities Committee

Bill Wickes, Chair
Keith Dunlap
Jerry Hackett
Denis Jarvis
Bonnie Napier
Rich Wittrup
Dan Youngberg


Susan Prock


Bill Kemper


Dan Youngberg